"What If?"

Gun Law


Regardless of how you feel about guns and the right to own them I'm sure you agree something needs to be done. I learned about the proper use of automatic weapons in the Marine Corps. After the war I considered becoming a member of NRA. However, upon investigation, I found their claims about 2nd Amendment rights to be just an excuse to own a very dangerous weapon, not the single shot flintlocks the Amendment intended to cover and which the pioneers needed for hunting and protection against Indian raids.  

My family has always had guns but they are treated as tools, not toys, and they are shotguns, not automatic pistols or rifles. Further, we shoot only flying birds, not standing animals and never more than we can eat. I soon realized NRA members wanted their shooting range toys to be automatic and have the right to keep them at home for "self defense". Anybody knows that three shots is all one needs for self defense.  I have been anti NRA ever since.  

As I see it, the present approach requiring psychological background checks for new guns, and, "if you see something, say something" for existing guns  doesn't address the problem which is the weapons themselves, some 20 million of them.  Guns which hold more than 3 cartridges should be considered Weapons of Mass Destruction and be confined to the shooting gallery.  

Therefore, below is copy of a Tweet I am sending to President, members of Congress, Governors, commentators and political writers. If you agree please pass it on. If not let's all pray for our gun-crazy country.  

In either case, please do not mention my name. I blogged about this some years ago and rec'd death threats from NRA members. I would like to avoid that but refuse to remain silent while the nation sits wringing its hands over a problem with such a simple solution.

Pop Hansel

Proposed National Firearms Act

“Effective 1/1/20, Illegal to possess a firearm with capacity of more than (3) shots without reloading. Minimum penalty: $1000 plus (1) yr. prison without parole. Exempt: Military, Law Enforcement & Licensed Firing Range personnel.”

……………………………………………………………Former NRA member, Walpole, NH

"What if?"


Political view: 

1. Term Limits for all Gov. Employees (judges) Federal State and


2. Ban ownership of Assault Weapons (Magazines) with 4 or more


3. Make UL model for all government regulatory agencies  

4. Use free enterprise foundation to fund future healthcare & social     security.

 5. Use self- imposed discipline of Golf to reshape Public Education 

6. Use Powers Award to raise level of discourse in TV, Music, Art &    Literature 

7. Use Tax incentives to encourage ownership of small farms - back to    the land movement. 

8. Make like in prison without parole mandatory for convicted Drug    Dealers. 

9. Establish League of free nations to make world safe through    democracy. 

10. Bring back Peace Corp. making service there in comparable to Army,    Navy, Air force and Marines.